Napping Cheetah


Primary Suit
❤️ Red — Asks 'What is possible?' Believes in experience. Connected to intuition.

Secondary Suit
❄️ White — The Crystal Tower. Order, structure, security.

A cheetah faster than lightning is not born overnight.

Swiftness grows slowly.

The possibility must be planted in soft soil at an early age, and left alone.

A cheetah pup must not be pressured to run faster. Simply give them space to run wild.

Like an ugly goose. Leaping and crashing into everything in their way.

Stay out of their way.

Watch them. Lick their wounds when they break their own skin.

Let them take long naps, twenty hour naps, naps longer than days, naps longer than years, because it’s in these long dreams that the seeds of swiftness are gently germinated.

In time the pup will also learn that it’s in lightning swiftness that next level naps are born.