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How can we build a diverse, friendly, and productive political community in today's world?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure, but it will require smart company.

  1. One of our first tasks is to write a shared code of conduct to help keep us on track in the many disagreements and frustrating developments that are bound to happen. For example, can we identify best practices for not getting sucked into bad faith train wrecks of conversations? Yes, we can. (We’ll start with 2 years of lessons learned as I have been writing a book on the art of productive disagreement, and continue to build on it.)

  2. Create a diverse, friendly, and productive community that can function as a support system for when things get chaotic. We don’t intend to just create another echo chamber (as safe as those make us feel sometimes). Instead, we will be finding good faith members with a diversity of positions so that we always have access to a conversation with someone on the other side. Very carefully.

  3. Avoid falling into one of the many possible pitfalls that a community like this could fall into. Like becoming too self-righteous, or too cynical, or too overconfident. So many possible pitfalls. But then again we’ve sort of been living that reality for the last few years, and it’s time for a change.

  4. Add your ideas by joining us.

Invite at least one person that you agree with and respect, and at least one person that you disagree with and respect. Cut and paste it to your sharing device of choice:


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