Queen of Wands

Range of meanings

Light: Paying close attention. Helping others focus on the issue at hand. Getting everyone to work together. Identifying common ground. Bringing people together, despite their differences. Using reverse psychology.

Shadow: Being distracted, or using your charms or skills to distract others from the goal. Calling attention to yourself with negative or unhealthy behaviors. Disrupting group activities as a means of feeding your own ego.

Questions to ask

  1. How attentive am I?
  2. How can I draw people’s attention to what we have in common?
  3. To what extent am I able to convince people to do what I want them to do?


Personal Growth: When you give someone your full and undivided attention, you give a rare and amazing gift. If you cultivate an ability to truly listen and respond, others will identify you as an intelligent, sensitive person they can trust with matters of real importance.

Work: Progress is complicated by a lack of attention to details. Start from square one. Ask everyone involved to give a stamp of approval to the parts of a project they control. Get more people involved, and more people will be invested in the success of your project.

Relationships: Pull together a group of friends and organize a group date. If in an argument, make a special effort to see all sides. Refrain from thinking the issue at hand is “all about you.” Understand the motives of everyone involved, then go for common ground.

Spirituality: A quiet mind is a sign of a focused spirit. When you’re feeling distracted, your spirit is pulled in every direction; when you’re focused, your energies flow naturally toward success. Take a deep breath, close your door, and invest a few minutes in calming yourself and your soul.

Fortune-Telling: This card represents a woman with an attractive, appealing personality, likely born between March 11th and April 20th, who wants to charm you into doing things her way.


Element: Water of Fire

Fool's Journey: The main character must persuade others to follow his or her lead.

Wands: One of the four suits of the tarot. Also sometimes called rods, staves, or staffs. Represents desire, inspiration, vision, creation, and invention. Many decks depict budding Wands, suggesting the potential for growth. As a suit marker, Wands suggest the power and potency of a king’s scepter. When a Magician wants something to happen, he waves his magic wand to make his intentions manifest.